When buying a property people are usually beyond excited when it comes to closing the deal and signing the contract (understandably – hello keys to a new home!)

But, before popping the celebratory bottle of champagne, there’s an all-important step you must be across so you don’t get a nasty shock.

The pre-settlement inspection.

Basically, this is your final chance to look at the property and ensure the vendor upholds their part of the bargain in the home handover.

Let’s take a closer look:
•  The pre-settlement inspection happens after you have signed the contract, but before you settle payments and take formal control of the house.
•  The onus is on the buyer to arrange the inspection but the seller must provide the opportunity for this to take place. (We recommend during the week before settlement).
•  New homebuyers are entitled to receive their property in an equal or greater condition then when it was originally inspected.
•  Look closely at more than just the physical appearance of the property.
•  If you have any special conditions in your Contract in relation to fixing up, replacing, repairing or replacing any appliances or items in the property, make sure you test and/or inspect to ensure the Vendor has adhered to this.
•  If the results of your inspection are inconsistent with the details in your contract, you may be able to seek compensation from the seller.

Having a trusted conveyancer by your side will give you the confidence that the process is moving along, and that every aspect of settlement is taken care of.

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