Here at Sargeants Geelong & Bellarine we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well during this extraordinary time of COVID-19.

For us, it’s business as usual at our virtual office, adapting to this new and unusual period as best we can.

As you may know, all of our operations are now online. While we miss the face to face interactions, we took this step for the safety and well being of you, our valued clients, community and staff.

Amid all the chaos and uncertainty, we’re trying to look for the positives and benefits where we can. Technology often gets a bad rap, but we’re grateful it allows us to serve our valued clients during this Coronavirus pandemic.

We’re also seeing ways in which technology is helping the community stay connected, businesses to continue running and get creative with how they interact with customers. For example, the local newspaper is being produced remotely, digital shopping has gone next level, and properties can now be bought and sold via online auctions in the real estate world.

Working remotely has not affected any settlements, services or the way we roll as a team.

We’re still celebrating our staff birthdays and work anniversary milestones.
We’re still striving to provide the best customer service.
We’re all over cyber security by using Securexchange (read more here).

At the end of each week we all get together for our weekly staff meetings (online of course) to reflect and catch up on all our tasks. We start our meetings off with everyone sharing a positive thing that has happened to them during the week and it is apparent that we are all so grateful that our family and friends are safe during this time which is the most important thing.

All that said, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the benefits of technology, we do understand that not everyone is online.

So, we’re still available on the phone, and if you need to give us physical copies of any documents, please place them in the Geelong office’s mailbox in the lobby of our building at Level 2, 77 Yarra Street Geelong. Or, slip them under the door of the Bellarine office, 2/63 The Terrace, Ocean Grove. We will be collecting from these sites once a day.

Take care out there and please remember, we really are all in this together.

PS: Some good news (hooray!) Thanks to your amazing support, $4,497 was raised for Our Wildlife Victoria fundraiser that ran in February. We are so grateful to everyone that helped.

So all we can say is you aren’t taking the Sargeants team down Covid-19!