Here at Sargeants Geelong, we know that the process of property transaction can be tricky and quite a stressful time.

After all, buying or selling is a big deal and one of the biggest transactions most people will make.

Here are five tips to help avoid some common problems and ensure you get the most out of the conveyancing process.

TIP 1: Another set of eyes
When purchasing a property, make sure you have someone look over both the Section 32 Statement and Contract prior to you signing.

TIP 2: Bank loans
When selling a property and paying out a loan, speak with your bank well in advance.

If you don’t have a straight forward loan it will save many issues closer to settlement when trying to book your bank, especially when it involves business loans, multiple loans or refinances.

Privacy laws sometimes prevent the banks disclosing information to conveyancers so it often helps if clients get involved as soon as possible.

TIP 3: Signatures
Make sure all documents you are required to sign are signed using the same signature.

TIP 4: Check the date
If you are selling and buying simultaneously and want to settle on the same day, make sure the settlement dates on both contract dates match.

TIP 5: Banker/Broker Communication
Speak to your banker or broker to make sure everything is in order before putting the wheels in motion.

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