Spring selling season is here! (A time when the real estate market goes a little crazy).

Are you thinking of putting your property on the market?

We’ve put together six top tips to help you prepare your house for a spring sale. They’re quick, easy and cost-effective. With early preparation and careful planning, we guarantee a smooth sales process.

Here are those tips!

1. Price Point
Do some research on similar properties and the current market conditions to find out how much you should list your home for. Chat to a real estate agent (don’t have an agent of choice? We can point you in the right direction).

2. Section 32
Get this done. Pronto. A Section 32 must be in place before a contact can be signed. (We offer this as a free service – why wait and risk losing a sale?)

  1. Inspect
    Grab a friend and pretend you are a prospective buyer. Do a thorough walk through of the house and garden. Inspect the walls and floors, check for leaks and unpleasant odours, look at the windows and doors and do an insect check.4. Make like Sadie
    Time to roll up the sleeves for some hard yakka. Clean top to bottom and declutter as necessary.

    5. Paint
    Many buyers are looking for a blank canvas to work with. Paint your walls in neutral colours using a matt finish.

    6. Freshen Up
    Lights, bathroom fixtures and cabinet hardware can all be replaced inexpensively, and they certainly make a difference in terms of visual appeal.

Don’t forget! You’ll also need a conveyancer with specific legal knowledge and skills to complete the property transaction.

At Sargeants Geelong, we’ll make the process stress-free for you. And, our fees are fixed so there are no surprises. Whether you’re selling privately or at auction, we can assist in all conveyancing needs from residential to commercial.

With more than 30 years of experience, you’re in safe hands with Sargeants Geelong.

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